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About the company

‘’Andinol Lubricants’’ company
Environmental safety during production, transportation, installation and operation.
Chemical stability of polyethylene, no effect on organoleptic properties of water.
No corrosion, biological growth and significant sediments.
High throughput due to smooth inner surface and no deposits.
Pipes can be laid at negative temperatures.
The flexibility of the pipes reduces the number of taps.

Andinol Lubricants was founded in 2015. The company specializes in the production and supply of modern plastic pipes for water supply, heating and sewerage systems.

Since 2015, the products of “Andinol Lubricants” have been produced under the trademark “ANDINOL.” The company uses modern high-tech equipment and regularly introduces innovative solutions, creating plastic pipes of exceptional quality, thus strengthening their competitive advantages.

Highly qualified specialists of the company and its structural divisions undergo annual training and exchange of experience at the largest European plants. All products are produced only from primary raw materials without impurities and additives.

Compliance with the environmental and hygienic requirements of the produced products provides an opportunity to use them in water supply systems of social and other facilities, as they are ideal for transportation of drinking water. The products are not subject to corrosion, and therefore can be operated longer than their metal counterparts, and are the best solution for pipelines with thermal insulation, for placement of wires and cables, sewerage, drainage, etc.


Our products are characterized by:

  • 50 years, service life of our goods
  • Control by technologists of each production stage
  • Fire resistance due to the use of ignition resistant materials
  • Certification, products are thoroughly tested for quality, the company has its own laboratory
  • Strength, article withstands high pressure
  • Reliability, as there are no different seams and joints, thus the property is not damaged